New Development Marketing Division

The New Development Marketing Division was formed to focus solely on the consulting, marketing, sales and leasing needs of investors and developers of multi-unit projects. Our services cover the following key segments of the development process:

Market Intelligence and Research

It is essential to begin the marketing process by identifying your target market-your distinct collection of buyers and renters that are defined by demographics and psychographics. jumpstarts each marketing campaign with a thorough target market assessment, by applying first-hand knowledge and by gathering studied information. With a distinguished reputation and concentrated experience in NYC neighborhoods over the past ten years, has witnessed the flourishing of deep-rooted communities and the complete transformation of others. This hands-on experience gives an unparalleled advantage when conducting market research, and it also allows for successful, targeted apartment and building design strategies.

Pre-Development Consulting Services

Possibly one of the most important aspects of New Development Marketing, these advisory services include guidance with regard to architecture, interior design, unit mix, unit layouts and floorplan design. We work in tandem with architects, designers and offering plan attorneys to create the most efficient combination of elements to effectively reach and appeal to your target market.

Marketing, Sales & Pricing Strategies and Techniques

When marketing a new development, it is important that your selling agent is on the forefront of market trends in order to successfully implement effective strategies that achieve maximum results. We at are thoroughly knowledgeable about our developments-from the tiniest details to the largest components-as well as the current real estate climate and approaching market fluctuations.