Flatbush Apartments and Condominiums

Flatbush Brooklyn is a diverse community that consists of several neighborhoods and stretches from Ocean Avenue to the west, Nostrand Avenue to the east, Parkside Avenue to the north and Avenue I to the south. The housing stock is incredibly unique contributing to the area’s charming and historic feel.

Flatbush housing varies in types and character featuring Victorian-style row houses, Colonial Revival houses and even some brownstones. More recently, new luxury high-rise developments can also be found in the area, including aptsandlofts.com Exclusive rental properties 346 East 29th Street and 123 Parkside Avenue.

The primary commercial corridors of the area are Church Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Coney Island Avenue and Flatbush Avenue serving as the neighborhood’s main commercial thoroughfare. The shops and boutiques, many of them small and privately owned, offer everything from hair salons, pharmacies, banks and restaurants with local West Indian cuisine. In the past year, numerous trendy new cafes and bars continue to emerge daily. Mangoseed on Flatbush Avenue provides both traditional and Carribean fusion cuisine, ambiance, and warm hospitality in addition to their vibrant menu. Am Thai Bistro on Church Ave. provides their clientele with fresh, healthy and authentic Thai cuisine, with extra attention to every detail including presentation. The three-way intersection in South Flatbush known as “the Junction” has been converted into an impromptu mall with retail chains including Old Navy, Rite-Aid, Stop & Shop, Staples, GameStop, and Target all located at this location now.

Flatbush’s proximity to Prospect Park adds a central park-like ambiance to the area, and the expansive and historic campus of Brooklyn College lends a sophisticated air to the neighborhood. The community garden located at Brooklyn College is also a favorite neighborhood destination. Prospect Park, designed by the renowned landscape architects who designed Central Park, is home to Brooklyn’s only forest, a 60-acre lake and the 90-acre Long Meadow, a zoo, an ice-skating rink, and nation’s first urban Audubon Center. Popular activities include pedal boating, picnicking, birding, people watching, running and biking. The Park also features a spectacular array of ecological features, such as meadows, hillsides and a complex water system.

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